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A newspaper irresponsibly publishes the names of witnesses to an assassination. CI5 must protect them as well as apprehend the killers.

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Doyle: Be cool with Tommy — you know he's crazy.

Bodie: Cowley wouldn't accept that. No one in the Big A's crazy.

Doyle: Motivated, then. His whole family was wiped out by terrorists, you know.

Bodie: Unlucky.

Doyle: Yeah.

Bodie: That they overlooked Tommy.

Doyle: That's a lousy thing to say.

Bodie: Tommy's a lousy thing to be. He's a killer.

Doyle: And what makes you so different?

Bodie: The difference is, Doyle, I do it, but I don't enjoy it.

Cowley: So they're out there somewhere, unaware. [The witnesses on honeymoon]

Bodie: I shouldn't think they're out, Sir. More likely in. Behind locked doors, curtains drawn. It's what newlyweds usually do, Sir. So I'm told.

Cowley: In the middle of the day? Don't judge everyone by your own standards, Bodie.

[Cowley catches his men off-guard, then is caught off-guard himself]

Bodie: Told you you'd enjoy yourself, Sir.

[At the stake-out of Sumner's]

Bodie: Doyle?

Doyle: Yeah?

Bodie: You forgot to bring any beer.

Doyle: No, I didn't. I remembered.

Bodie: Did you?

Doyle: Yeah, 'course I did. I remembered not to bring any.

Bodie: I'm like a fine piece of machinery — I need lubrication.

Doyle: Yeah, well, too much lubrication and that fine piece of machinery might finish up with a bullet up its crankcase.

Bodie: He sits there a safe distance away and sends in a psychopath to keep us company. I tell you, Cowley is —

Doyle: Bodie...

Cowley: The radio is open, Bodie. But continue with your interesting assessment. Cowley is... Cowley would like to know what Cowley is.

Bodie: Would you believe warm and considerate?