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CI5 become aware of an assassination plot involving a rifle with a range of over two miles. But where is the gunman and who is his target?

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[Heading to meet one of Doyle's old contacts]

Doyle: What do you know about Greeks, Bodie?

Bodie: The fellows all dance together and the cops shave their heads.

Doyle: They are a tight-knit community.

Bodie: Yeah — ghetto time.

Doyle: Don't knock it. Ghetto means being able to depend on your own kind.

Bodie: So you and me are a mobile ghetto, eh?

Bodie: Now

he didn't ask you to dance, hm? I think you've offended him.

Doyle: Should have seen me in my prime.

Bodie: Now seriously, Ray, you were great back there, you know. So cool, in command. Good trick, that.

Doyle: That's not a trick. It's just being...offensive.

[Bodie and Doyle working late at HQ]

Bodie: It's a secretary's job. Or a job that needs a secretary. How 'bout Betty — come on, let's get her along.

Doyle: Oh, Betty's left. She left for home hours ago. Anyway, it'd ruin your concentration, starting a new romance now.

Bodie: New? For an ex-cop you rate low in observation, Doyle.

Bodie: I'm puzzled. If you thought we were off duty, why'd you come looking for us in the rest room?

Cowley: Because there's one thing you and I share, Bodie.

Doyle: [mutters] Same secretary.

Cowley: Eh? We share an animal instinct. A nose for trouble. You too, Doyle. You can't teach it, you can't learn it. You've either got it or you haven't got it.