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A chemicals expert threatens to contaminate London's water sources with a lethal drug and arranges small demonstrations to prove his claims.

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Cowley: Bodie, Doyle. Hold on a moment. World Chemical Products — man just fell out of a seventh-storey window.

Doyle: That's police business.

Cowley: He jumped.

Bodie: That's his business.

Cowley: Somebody had slipped him a drug — him and half the staff there.

Bodie and Doyle: Well, that's Drug Squad business.

Cowley: What are you two, some kind of music hall act?

Bodie: Whatever we are, you made us.

Doyle: Ta-da! Anyway, what else, Sir?

Cowley: Because the dead man had a class XA security rating and that puts him right under our umbrella. So get over there, fast.

Doyle: Morning.

Hoskins: Good morning.

Doyle: CI5. I'm Doyle. That's Bodie. Tell us please.

Hoskins: Tell you? Tell you what?

Doyle: About the dead man for a start.

Hoskins: His name was Miller. Ted Miller. He was the head of our biological division. He was on special government work with high secur —

Bodie: Security classification, yeah, we know. What exactly happened?

Hoskins: He just walked in the room, jumped out the window.

Hoskins: It's obviously one of the hallucinogenics — LSD or ADX or something of that sort.

Doyle: Do you manufacture that kind of stuff here?

Hoskins: Uh, no.

Bodie: So who brought it in, administered it? I mean you appear to be okay. What did they drink or eat?

Doyle: Or breathe?

Bodie: That you didn't?

Ted Miller's Secretary: Perhaps they didn't have coffee.

Hoskins: Meaning?

Ted Miller's Secretary: It could be as simple as that. Mr Miller always starts the day with coffee.

Bodie: Where did you get his coffee from, sweetheart? You make it? Get the water from the tap?

Ted Miller's Secretary: No, no. There are coffee machines on nearly every floor.

Bodie: Better get them analysed.

Doyle: Better close 'em down, get 'em sealed off, quick.

Hoskins: Wait a minute. We can do that here. We are a chemical company. We have a laboratory here and Cummings is an analytical chemist.

Doyle: Well, Mr Cummings?

Cummings: It's been laced all right. That one machine.

Doyle: ADX?

Cummings: ADX.

Susan Fenton: You bastard! You didn't tell me what you were going to do!

Charles Nesbitt: As far as I recall, you were far too busy fixing.

Susan Fenton: There's a dead girl back there and Ted Miller. I'm going to tell.

Charles Nesbitt: If you tell them, I'll take you with me. I'll incriminate you to the hilt. But they won't give you your fix in prison, you know Sue. You need me, you know. You see, I'm the golden goose so you can't wring my golden neck. Here, take your keys. Go on, take em. Take 'em. Get out.

Bodie: Stronger than LSD, isn't it.

Doyle: Ten times stronger. And administered through this.

Bodie: Be easy to bust that lock.

Doyle: Yeah, it would only hasn't been busted, has it?

Bodie: But the filter's been removed and this water's been laced.

Doyle: So who had the keys?

Bodie: Susan Fenton, Catering Manageress. She left in a hurry. Alderstone Avenue.

Doyle: Just testing.

Bodie: Right credit card opens so many doors.

Doyle: You should put a deadlock, you know, it's much safer.

Bodie: Now don't get up. It's Miss Susan Fenton, isn't it? Hello. I'm Bodie, that's Doyle.

Doyle: Hello. We missed you at World Chemicals.

Bodie: Ah, she was upset. Distraught, aren't you? It was the coffee, you know, from the coffee machine that you hold the keys for?

Susan Fenton: I had nothing to do with it.

Bodie: We didn't say you did, did we?

Doyle: Us? No. What we did wonder though was whether anybody else had access to those keys.

Susan Fenton: Well, they hang in my office.

Bodie: Uh, no, sorry to take issue on that but we've been assured you always keep them on you. [He finds the keys in her purse] It would appear our information is correct.

Susan Fenton: I'm tired. I'm really tired.

Doyle: You are tired, aren't you? How long have you been shooting up, Susan? Long enough to have almost run out of veins. We better take her in. She's out of her mind. We struck gold, Bodie. A girl with a bad habit and the keys to the coffee machine.

Bodie: Yeah, a bad habit like that they'll do anything. Anything.

Doyle: We'll wait till she wakes up, hold back on her fix. She'll spill her guts. If she wakes up. This stuff is pure, 100% uncut. Get an ambulance quick.

Bodie: She going to make it? [Susan Fenton is being loaded into an ambulance]

Ambulance Officer: Difficult to say, sir.

Doyle: I'm going crazy.

Bodie: You won't get any argument from me.

Doyle: When we arrived here, there was this guy. I am sure I know him. Eric Sutton, pusher. You stay with her.

Bodie: Stay with her.

Benny: What do you want, Doyle?

Doyle: Information.

Benny: I'm not big time like you, you know. I'm just a drug runner, that's me.

Doyle: Eric Sutton?

Benny: Look, I've been on his track for months.

Doyle: Yeah, well after I've used him, you can have him on a murder rap.

Benny: Murder?

Doyle: Or attempted murder.

Benny: There's always a catch. Still, attempted murder. That should keep him off the streets for a couple of years.

Doyle: Haven't got much time, Benny.

Benny: And I haven't got Sutton not yet. But I'll find him for you.

Doyle: Cheers.

Benny: Oh, Ray, aren't you forgetting something?

Doyle: Where do you want it?

Benny: Anywhere it will show.

Doyle: Sorry, Benny. [He hits him across the cheek] And thank you.

Cowley: [to Nurse] Thanks. [to Bodie] Will she live?

Bodie: God knows.

Cowley: Yes, but unfortunately I haven't been in touch with him for some time. What do the doctors say?

Bodie: Well, if she was a racehorse, she'd be a rank outsider.

Cowley: Bad as that?

Bodie: Bad as that. Mammoth overdose.

Cowley: Has she said anything?

Bodie: No.

Cowley: But she might.

Bodie: She might.

Cowley: She's a pretty girl. ADX.

Bodie: Mind-blowing drug. In the coffee.

Cowley: We know why, now. The demand arrived on the PM's desk an hour ago.

Bodie: What? Pay up or else?

Cowley: I wish it was. No, this is idealism. God save us from all idealists.

Bodie: Thought you and he weren't talking.

Cowley: Oh, he does me the occasional favor.

Bodie: So what do they want?

Cowley: Cease manufacture of chemicals for biological warfare and destroy all stocks.

Bodie: Signed?

Cowley: Unsigned.

Bodie: Deadline?

Cowley: No deadline. Yes, a nutty idealist. He'll make his point more than once unless we nail him. [Susan Fenton moans]

Bodie: Susan? Sue?

Cowley: Stay with her. I'm going to run a check on reservoirs.

Bodie: Reservoirs?

Cowley: Beats coffee vending machines.

Susan Fenton: George, George.

Bodie: Who's George?

Nurse: I don't know.

Susan Fenton: George...

Bodie: I'm here, Susan. Right here beside you.

Susan Fenton: George... can't be. He was my cat... white... Persian. Had to have him put down.

Bodie: Well, I'm the next best thing. Not white and fluffy, but plenty of girls think I should be put down. Now don't go to sleep Susan. Don't go to sleep. Now tell me about George, tell me about him. Tell me about him.

Susan Fenton: No. It wasn't my fault.

Bodie: Look you've got to tell me about George. [to Nurse] Shut up. Listen Susan, I want to know about George.

Nurse: Mr Bodie, please.

Bodie: I ran over him in my car. [Susan Fenton starts crying] Go on, cry it out.

Betty: [on radio] Doyle, come in.

Doyle: Hello, Betty.

Betty: Benny called in. He's located Sutton. Does that make sense?

Doyle: It had better. Where do I meet him?

Betty: At the Ritz Theatre, stage door. Repeat, stage door.

Doyle: Right.

Betty: [on phone] Yes, right. [She hangs up] HQ just got a another anonymous phone call. A second demonstration of strength, he said.

Cowley: Where?

Betty: Black Bull, Marlow.

Cowley: Put out an APB.

Betty: He said we'd be too late. Too late to stop it.

Doyle: He in there.

Benny: Yeah.

Doyle: Great.

Benny: Let's wait a couple of minutes.

Doyle: Why?

Benny: Afternoon strip show. Curtain down in a couple of minutes. Sutton's in there dropping off a little packet of big H to a good customer.

Doyle: So we go in there and nab him.

Benny: Oh we'll get him but after curtain down. Because after curtain down, that dressing room will be crawling with...

Doyle: Birds.

Benny: Birds in a very singular state of disarray. Birds with very few feathers indeed. Wait a couple of minutes.

Doyle: Let's wait a couple of minutes.

Benny: My favorite bust this.

Eric Sutton: Thanks Pam. [Benny cuffs him]

Doyle: Mr Sutton, how do you do?

Pam: Just a minute! What's going on?

Eric Sutton: Get off!

Benny: All yours.

Doyle: Thank you, Benny.

Benny: Thank you. [He takes the flowers that Eric Sutton gave to Pam]

Eric Sutton: What charge?

Benny: Well, how's that? [He removes a packet of drugs from the flowers]

Eric Sutton: A plant. You saw him plant that.

Pam: Yeah, yeah. I saw it.

Benny: Yeah, course you did, course you did. To keep your supplier, you'd vouch for anything, wouldn't you?

Eric Sutton: So what charge?

Doyle: No charge.

Eric Sutton: Then why the cuffs?

Benny: You look lovely in silver.

Eric Sutton: Come on, I know the score and so do you. No charge, no cuffs, no nothing.

Benny: Ah, but that's if you're dealing with the police. He's not from the police.

Eric Sutton: Not police? Then what...

Doyle: CI5. Come on. Hey, Benny.

Benny: Yeah, well, I thought one of us ought to stay here, case the joint.

Doyle: Yeah.

Benny: My favorite bust.

Cowley: [answering phone] Cowley.

Prime Minister Forbes: Forbes here. Do you get his ultimatum?

Cowley: Oh yes, sir. I have a photostat copy in front of me right now.

Prime Minister Forbes: He's obviously mad.

Cowley: Oh, a crazy man, sir. But yes, I believe he will do what he threatens to do and I feel that...

Prime Minister Forbes: I don't care what you feel. Do something about it.

Cowley: Yes sir.

Prime Minister Forbes: Stop him.

Cowley: We will try to stop him.

Prime Minister Forbes: And quickly.

Cowley: Sir. [He hangs up] YES?

Doyle: I've got Sutton. Take him to Interrogation?

Cowley: I'll join you.

Bodie: Well, we had a cry, a wee sleep and now it's time we had a little chat. Doctor tells me you're out of your crisis and I can talk to you for a while.

Susan Fenton: Who are you?

Bodie: Well, let's say I'm the not very bad Samaritan.

Eric Sutton: You're experts. I can see that. I can smell an expert a mile away. Experts. Particularly you. It won't do you any good. You'll get nothing except the a counter suit in court. I've been worked over by experts before. Took the scalp off my head. Experts from my side of the fence. Think you can succeed where they failed?

[Cowley and Doyle leave the room]

Doyle: I think he means it. I think he's got us over a barrel.

Cowley: Last time I was over a barrel, Doyle, I was celebrating New Year a long time ago. I still remember that headache very clearly. No one's had me over a barrel since. Sutton's a pusher. Did you ever know a pusher who was a user, Doyle? Get me a hypodermic and some heroin.

Bodie: You know Ted Miller and the young girl. Well, she was just 18. Just 18. Did you know that? Hmm? And you Susan, you nearly died because they wanted you dead.

Susan Fenton: It wasn't my fault.

Bodie: I know it wasn't your fault. But it soon will be if it's allowed to go on. Thousands of people could die. You could stop that Susan but I need names.

Cowley: You hear me Mr Sutton? Names. A name. I don't suppose you fought in the war, Mr Sutton. No. I fought in several. The worst was against a... a barbaric race. But the British are nothing if not adaptable. We learned barbarism very quickly. We had a problem one day. Was the road ahead mined? We had prisoners but they wouldn't talk. So we bound them and made them lead the advance. They didn't think we would, not at first. But then the first man ahead was gone. Like that. An antipersonnel mine is a very nasty thing, Mr Sutton, very nasty. And then the second man. And the third. And then they talked. Then they knew we meant it. A shocking story. It shocked me at the time and it still shocks me. But it was necessary to save hundreds of lives, it was necessary. I'm willing to be shocked again if necessary. I'm going to hoist you with your own petard, Mr Sutton. I'm going to turn you into an addict. A crash course in addiction because we have access to the purest stuff. A craving, crawling do anything for money junkie. Look at me Sutton. Look at me! Remember the road that was mined. Do you have any doubt at all that I intend doing what I say? Roll up his sleeve.

Eric Sutton: No! No!

Cowley: Hold him.

Eric Sutton: Nesbitt! Charles Nesbitt!

Bodie: Nesbitt?

Susan Fenton: He asked for the keys. I didn't know. Believe me I didn't know.

Bodie: Yeah, I believe you. Where does Sutton fit in?

Doyle: When Nesbitt lost his job as a research chemist, Sutton provided him with a means of earning his living.

Cowley: Yes, a market for the hard drugs he could still get hold of.

Doyle: And enough cash to finance his crazy schemes. Nice setup.

Cowley: It will be if we don't nail Nesbitt before 5:30. That was the ultimatum to the Prime Minister. A full public renunciation by the government. Cease all research into biological warfare. The announcement to be made by 5:30.

Doyle: Or?

Cowley: Or he attacks a major city with a gallon of ADX.

Bodie: Car's fixed.

Cowley: It's 4 o'clock.

Doyle: Hour and a half now?

Cowley: No less than that. We'll have to advise the PM to make his announcement, meet this madman's terms and we can't leave it until the last minute. We can't take that chance. An hour at the most and we'll have to give him what he wants.

Bodie: That'll open the floodgates to every nut in the country.

Doyle: Where have we seen these [water skis] before?

Bodie: Susan Fenton.

Susan Fenton: That's how we met. At the World Chemical Sports Club. I don't know who invited him. Anyway, that's how he met.

Bodie: You skied together.

Doyle: But where? Where did you ski?

Susan Fenton: At the club. On the reservoir.

Cowley: Long shot.

Bodie: Let's face it, sir. It's our only shot.

CI5 Agent: No sir, I haven't seen anybody or anything. Quiet as a grave.

Doyle: Nobody's been out there?

CI5 Agent: Nobody's been near it.

Cowley: Long shot and the wrong shot.

Doyle: The balloon doesn't go up till 5:30, Sir.

Cowley: It's just five now. No that's long enough.

Bodie: Give us a chance to check out the area.

Cowley: We're talking about hundreds of thousands of lives.

Doyle: Come on, Sir. Just a couple of minutes.

Bodie: Just a couple of lousy minutes. Come on, let's go.

Cowley: Hold on! Bodie! [Charles Nesbitt fires and Bodie and Doyle hit the dirt. They stalk Nesbitt through the woods and Bodie gets the drop on him.]

Bodie: Hold it right there. Now drop it.

CI5 Agent: You okay?

Doyle: Yeah. You know something? I don't reckon he was firing at us back there. Couldn't have missed with this thing.

Bodie: What the hell was he firing at?

CI5 Agent: Well, it went past me out across the water.

Doyle: Get back there and find out. [He and Bodie drag Nesbitt back to Cowley] Charles Nesbitt.

Cowley: Well, Mr Nesbitt, it's all over.

Charles Nesbitt: All over? It hasn't even begun yet!

Doyle: Bodie! Ski ramp, 3 o'clock from the centre.

Bodie: Got it.

Doyle: That's what he was shooting at.

Cowley: What is it?

Bodie: The ski ramp right of centre. Some kind of target.

Doyle: No it's more than that. See that wire? It must be linked to something under the water.

Cowley: [to Nesbitt] Is one of the oil drums filled with ADX? Is that it, Nesbitt?

Charles Nesbitt: You're too late, you're too damned late.

Bodie: I'm betting it's a delayed fuse. Hits the target sets it off, right Nesbitt. Give you time to get away.

Charles Nesbitt: Why don't you find out?

Bodie: Yeah, well, we will. Doyle, you coming?

Doyle: Look after these for me, Sir. We're going to need a technical advisor. [to Nesbitt] You. Come on.

CI5 Agent: Shall I get them to seal off the reservoir, Sir?

Cowley: No time, no use. That thing's going up any minute. Bodie! Doyle! Come back! [on radio] Cowley to HQ.

Radio: Come in, Mr Cowley.

Cowley: Connect me through the hotline. I want to talk to the PM.

Radio: Right sir. Prime Minister on the line, Sir.

Cowley: [on radio] Prime Minister?

Prime Minister Forbes: Mr Cowley?

Cowley: Can you bear with me for sixty seconds?

Bodie: It's a device all right.

Doyle: What a lovely thought. You any good at praying?

Bodie: Don't worry, you won't know a thing.

Doyle: Can you see it?

Bodie: I can't see a damned thing. I can feel it though. It's some kind of linkage and there's a cap. It's stiff. If I can just get some purchase on it.

Doyle: Hang about.

Bodie: Got it?

Doyle: Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Turn.

Bodie: I am turning! I think it's moving.

Charles Nesbitt: NO! For god's sake There's an anti-handling device built in. The dummy cap turns clockwise. The real one underneath, anti-clockwise.

Bodie: Heard what the man said.

Doyle: Anti-clockwise.

Bodie: Anti-clockwise.

Charles Nesbitt: There's a trembler!

Doyle: Bodie, don't do that!

CI5 Agent: They've done it, Sir.

Cowley: [on radio] Cowley, sir. You won't have to make that announcement after all.

Cowley: Well done.

Bodie: Careful, sir. Not used to such adulation.

Cowley: Nerves, Bodie?

Bodie: Water's damn cold.

Cowley: A wee nip of Scotch will soon put that right.

Bodie: Medicinal purposes, of course.

Cowley: Of course. Why did you disobey my orders?

Doyle: Couldn't hear you, sir — the engine —

Bodie: That's right.

Cowley: You heard me perfectly clearly, both of you. In the circumstances I'm prepared to overlook the matter. But if everybody in CI5 disobeyed orders, where would it end?

Bodie: Downfall of society.

Cowley: Possibly.

Doyle: Return to the Dark Ages, even.

Cowley: Yes, even that. So don't let it happen again. Both of you, mind!