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Mulder goes in search of a ship that has disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle in 1939. But when he gets on board, Mulder finds that he — and all the passengers and crew — are still stuck in the past..

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[Mulder has just been dragged aboard the Queen Anne]

Second British Crewman: There he goes. Lots of life in him. Give it up, matey. Good for you. That's what you get for your troubles.

Third British Crewman: Maybe he's just taking a long swim.

Second British Crewman: Yeah. Or a short flight. You an airman, mate? Oi?

First British Crewman: No, he's not dressed like an airman.

Second British Crewman: Eh, what kind of uniform is that, then? Sprechen sie Deutsch, jah?

Third British Crewman: I say he's a rat, we throw him overboard like a rat.

Second British Crewman: Right. Let's give him the heave-ho.

Mulder: [waking up] Hey!

First British Crewman: How's about another dip in the Atlantic, huh, dirty Jerry?

Second British Crewman: Even the sharks won't eat him.

First British Crewman: Oi! What you got to say for yourself, Jerry, before we throw you back in?

Mulder: My name's not Jerry.

First British Crewman: What's that, huh?

Mulder: My name's Mulder. Fox Mulder.

Second British Crewman: That a name? Mulder?

Mulder: I got ID in my pocket. [First British Crewman retrieves it]

First British Crewman: Fox Mulder, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sorry, mate, never heard of it. [They start dragging him off]

Mulder: Never heard of it?

Second British Crewman: Tell you what we do with foxes. Care to know?

Mulder: Never heard of the FBI?

Second British Crewman: Why don't you shut it, Jerry, before we change our minds here.

Mulder: Where are you taking me?

Third British Crewman: Where'd you pick up that accent?

Second British Crewman: Probably in the Fuhrer's Secret Service. Come on.

Mulder: What are you talking about?

Second British Crewman: I say we cut him open and see what colour he bleeds. Dirty Jerry. Deutschland Uber Alles.

Mulder: Deutschland Uber Alles? Wait a second.

First British Crewman: Oi, how's about you shove a cork in it, mate. All right? [He knocks on the door to Captain Harburg's cabin]

Captain Harburg: Eh? What's this about?

First British Crewman: Found him in the water, sir. Don't know nothing about him. I think he's a German.

Captain Harburg: Bring the prisoner in my room. [Captain Harburg punches Mulder twice] Friend or foe?

Mulder: What?

Captain Harburg: To what flag do you pledge allegiance?

Mulder: I think there's been a mistake. I think the mistake is mine.

Captain Harburg: Speak the truth, man.

Mulder: This is the Queen Anne, isn't it?

Captain Harburg: Aye. [He starts to hit Mulder again]

Mulder: Hey, just about enough of that. I came looking for this ship.

First British Crewman: Say the word, Captain, I'll make him the first of the rest.

Mulder: Hold on a second. I think I can explain what's going on.

Second British Crewman: It's a ruse, Captain.

Mulder: What's our current position?

Captain Harburg: Cut the spy up.

Mulder: I'll tell you. I'll tell you. We're two degrees above the 30th parallel. Sargasso Sea. Just above the Tropic of Cancer. 64 degrees West by Southwest. Off the Plantagenet bank 60 miles South-southwest off Bermuda. How would I know that if I'd been in the water?

Captain Harburg: Aye, that's a damn good question, lad. I'm waiting for a damn good answer.

Mulder: Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me that you haven't been able to get accurate compass readings. That navigation's been a real bitch. It's because you've been caught in something called The Devil's Triangle. I can show you on the chart here. It goes from Bermuda down to Puerto Rico and back up to Florida. The Queen Anne is stuck here on the Eastern edge of it. You've been caught in some kind of time warp. In some kind of limbo dimension and now you've popped out the other side into 1998.

First British Crewman: 1998?!

Second British Crewman: This man is mad.

Third British Crewman: Let him tell it to the fishes.

Captain Harburg: I'm done fooling about, man. There's a war on. And in it or no, I don't plan to lose me mind nor me ship to the likes of a jackal like you.

Mulder: Well, you... you can relax. There's no war going on. The world is at peace. There's a little trouble over at our White House, but that'll blow over... so to speak.

Mulder: It's okay, the war's over. Let them take you to Germany, they make nice cars. [The sailors leave him locked in Captain Harburg's cabin] This is unbelievable.

[Mulder ambushes and knocks out a German soldier, when he takes a look at the unconscious man, he discovers that he looks like Agent Spender]

Mulder: What the hell is going on? Spender?

[One of the couples dancing near Mulder accidentally bump into him]

Scully: Excuse me.

Mulder: Scully?

Scully: I suggest you get your Nazi paws off me before you get one in the kisser.

Mulder: No, no, it's me, Mulder.

Scully: Oh, you speak English, do you? Well, how'd you like to see the stars on the American flag? [She holds her fist in front of his face]

Mulder: I'm not a Nazi.

Scully: Oh, sure. You just look like one, right?

[Scully turns back to keep dancing]

Mulder: I had to steal this uniform. Scully?

[Suddenly, the singer stops the music and points down at Mulder]

Kersh's Secretary: Hier ist der mann, den sie vollen! [Here is the man you want!]

[The Nazis near the door converge on Mulder and one fires a gun in the air]

First Nazi: Halt! Hande hoch! Hande hoch! [Stop! Hands up! Hands up!]

[Mulder looks blankly to Scully for help]

Scully: He said, Put your hands up.

[Mulder puts his hands up and the Nazis grab him]

Mulder: [to Scully] You see, I told you. [to Nazis] Yeah, you're all big men now, but wait until you get to Russia. I hope you fellows like the cold.

Smoking Man: Bringen sie dieses schiff auf fahrtrichtung Deutschland oder wir schaffen sie vom steuer weg. Verstanden? [Turn this ship in the direction of Germany or we will remove you from the wheel, understood?]

Captain Marburg: I'll not give up this ship!

Smoking Man: Zeig ihm was ich meine. [Show him what I mean]

Captain Marburg: Aye, you can put me down, man, but I'll not let go this wheel so 'til we meet in hell...

Smoking Man: Ershiess ihn. [Shoot him]

First Mate: No!

[The Second Nazi shoots Captain Marburg in the head. The Nazi Officer turns and he is a 1939 version of the Smoking Man. He lights a cigarette and looks at Mulder]

Mulder: You...

Smoking Man: Wer ist dieser mann? [Who is this man?]

Second Nazi: Er hat einen meiner leute zusammengeschlagen und seine uniform gestohlen. Er ist spion. [He beat up one of my people and stole his uniform. He is a spy]

Smoking Man: Wo sind die waffen versteckt? [Where are the weapons?]

Mulder: No sprechen.

Smoking Man: Die waffen haben sie an bord, nicht? [You have the weapons on board, no?]

Mulder: I don't speak Nazi.

Smoking Man: Erschiess ihn auch. [Shoot him also]

[Second Nazi levels the gun at Mulder's head]

Mulder: Wait a minute. Why are you shooting me? Why are you killing me? What have I done? I don't understand what you're asking me.

[Another Nazi, who looks just like Skinner enters the helm]

Skinner: Halt! Nicht schiessen. Dieser mann ist Amerikaner. Es heisst sie vollen mehr leute an dem krieg beteiligen. [Stop! Don't shoot! This man is American. They say more people want to take part in the war] [Skinner hands Mulder's badge to the Smoking Man]

Smoking Man: Bring ihn nach unten. Bring alle nach unten. [Bring him under. Bring them all under]

[Mulder's captors drag him back out of the helm]

Mulder: Skinner? Where are they taking me? Help me, Skinner!

Scully: What are you guys doing here?

Frohike: Mulder's in trouble.

Langly: Big trouble.

Scully: What do you mean?

Byers: Let's take a walk.

Scully: Okay, where are we going?

Frohike: The walls have ears.

Scully: I have ears. Will you tell me what's going on?

Byers: Mulder's disappeared.

Scully: Disappeared from where?

Langly: From the national reconnaissance office's lacrosse mid-latitude imaging radar satellite. [He hands Scully a photograph]

Scully: I don't understand. What am I looking at?

Frohike: A whole lot of nothing.

Byers: We pulled that down 45 minutes ago off the NRO satellite, which early this morning sent a picture of a ship which inexplicably appeared in the middle of the Atlantic.

Langly: The SS Queen Anne which by all accounts vanished without a trace over sixty years ago.

Scully: The Queen Anne? The British luxury liner?

Frohike: That's correct.

Scully: It was torpedoed by a German U-boat.

Langly: That's one story.

Scully: There's another?

Byers: Though her exact position was kept a secret for fear spies might give her up to the Axis. It's been reasonably determined that the Queen Anne was just south of the Plantagenet bank when she went missing.

Frohike: Less than sixty feet of water yet she's never been found.

Scully: So you're saying the Queen Anne just disappeared.

Langly: Into the Bermuda triangle.

Frohike: And reappeared this morning at 6:49 am Eastern Standard Time.

Scully: That's impossible.

Byers: Satellite doesn't lie.

Scully: There's nothing on here.

Byers: We gave the original images to Mulder so he could use them as navigational aids.

Langly: He was in a hurry.

Scully: To get where?

Frohike: Out to the Queen Anne before anyone else got there first.

Scully: He's gone out here?

Byers: He went to Bermuda and he chartered a powerboat out of Hamilton Harbour. We tracked him on the satellite for an hour and a half.

Langly: Until a storm blew in and obscured all transmissions.

Frohike: That's what you're holding.

Scully: Well, what's happened to him?

Byers: We can't know that. Not without alternative tracking data. Which is why we're here.

Langly: Without good data, all we can do is wait and hope for the best.

Frohike: Yeah, but expect the worst.

Scully: Well, we have to get help.

Byers: Without a position he's a needle in a haystack.

Scully: What do you need?

Byers: Navy AWACS SLAR or SAR 100 K swath imaging. You're going to have to find somebody at the Pentagon to get it.

Scully: Wait for me downstairs.

Scully: Sir, I couldn't waste time explaining myself to your assistant.

Skinner: Alright, tell me what is so urgent.

Scully: It's about Agent Mulder. He's gone and done something... incredibly rash.

Skinner: You're out of line, Scully.

Scully: No, sir, you're out of line. I'm sorry, but I'm coming to you for help and I've got nowhere else to go. I would hope that after everything that we have been through that you would at least have the courtesy and the decency and not to mention the respect to listen to what I have to say. Now, all I need is information. You don't have to do anything else. Look, sir, if you know anybody at the Office of Naval Intelligence it would be of great help.

Skinner: I could lose my job, my pension, I could even be subject to legal action. [Scully sighs and starts to open the door, but Skinner slams it back and keeps his hand on it] Use your head, Scully. It'll save your ass.

Scully: Save your own ass, sir. You'll save your head along with it.

Scully: I want you to do me a favour. It's not negotiable. Either you do it or I kill you. You understand?

Spender: You okay, Agent Scully?

Scully: No, I'm not. I'm a gun ready to go off so don't test me, Spender. Don't even think about trying to weasel me.

Spender: What is it that you need?

Scully: Navy AWACS SLAR 100 K swath. South-Southeast of Bermuda. I am looking for a boat, maybe a ship. 1939 luxury liner.

Spender: 1939?

Scully: Don't ask too many questions. I don't care what you do or who you do or who you have to grease, I need that information and I need it now. Are we clear on that?

Spender: Crystal.

Scully: And, Agent Spender... If you're not back in a hurry I am going to hunt you down, and so help me God...

Spender: Right.

Kersh's Secretary: I was sent to come get you.

Scully: Yeah, I was waiting for Agent Spender, he was, uh... I'm supposed to pick up a delivery from him.

Kersh's Secretary: Agent Spender is with Assistant Director Kersh.

Scully: That rat bastard!

Scully: [on mobile phone] Scully. Mulder? Is that you? No, I can't... I'm on an elevator. Hold on, I'll be off in a s... Hold on. [Lift doors open, Scully steps out and sees Assistant Director Kersh, Agent Spender and the Smoking Man standing in the hall talking. She ducks back into the lift] Hello? No... I can't understand. I can't..."

[Lift doors open revealing Skinner also holding a mobile phone to his ear]

Skinner: Was that you?

Scully: Is it you?

Skinner: I've been trying to reach you. I got the information you needed.

[Scully takes the paper, grabs him and kisses him on the lips firmly]

Scully: How?

Skinner: Don't even ask.

Scully: Sir, what you've done...

Skinner: Is save Mulder's ass. I know.

Scully: Yes.

[Lift doors open to other agents in the hall]

Skinner: And if you ever ask me to break policy or protocol I will have you written up, wrapped up and tossed out of the FBI for good. Am I understood, Agent Scully?

Scully: Yes.

First British Crewman: Oi... American, right? Saved your life, mate. Krauts don't want no reason to bring you Yanks into the war.

Mulder: I got two words for you, buddy — Pearl Harbour.

First British Crewman: What?

Mulder: After Poland, Hitler's on his way to Denmark, Holland and France with a few stops in between. The French all but roll over on us, the Italians seize their opportunity and the Japanese come through the back door. It's a long, bloody story. But fortunately it has a happy ending.

First British Crewman: We win?

Mulder: Yeah, you come out on the side of history with no small amount of help from us. Not much to apologise over the next 50 years except for maybe the Spice Girls.

First British Crewman: Well... According to our host this'll be our new accommodations, lads.

Mulder: You speak German. What was that shouting about up there?

First British Crewman: They got it in mind that we left America carrying arms to England.

Mulder: Are we?

First British Crewman: Listen, she's drawing 16 feet at 81,000 tons. We're making 21 knots at full power. We got munitions aboard this ship, mate, they don't weigh but a few stone.

Mulder: But the Captain knew something. He wouldn't give up the wheel.

First British Crewman: The Nazis boarded us after they intercepted a radio communication... Some kind of code word they keep asking about — Thor's Hammer. You know what that is, mate?

Mulder: Hey, this ship can't go to Germany.

First British Crewman: Make up your mind, mate.

Mulder: I got news for you — you're not carrying munitions. It's something far more deadly.

First British Crewman: Thor's Hammer?

Mulder: Thor's Hammer isn't a weapon. It's a man, a man who will help build a weapon — a bomb that'll win the war for whoever has it.

First British Crewman: And you're telling me he's aboard this ship?

Mulder: I saw him in the ballroom.

[The First British Crewman grins and crosses to the door. He bangs on it and the Nazi opens it]

First British Crewman: Sein name ist Thor's Hammer. Er hat einen plan, eine bombe zu bauen. Auf wiedersehen... Mates. [His name is Thor's Hammer. He has a plan to build a bomb. Goodbye, mates] [He leaves and the Nazi slams the door shut]

First Roughneck: What's wrong with you?! Don't you know there are spies everywhere?! Trust no one, mon!

Mulder: You can't take the ship to Jamaica, either. The Germans will hunt you down no matter what course you steer.

British Crewmen: No! No! Hear it out. Hear it out. Hear it out.

Assistant Director Kersh: And who you be, boy?

Mulder: My name's Mulder.

Second British Crewman: He wants to go back to bloody America.

Mulder: No I don't, I want you to take this ship and turn it back around the way you came.

British Crewmen: No! No!

Second British Crewman: Bloody hell, we're halfway home!

Mulder: You've got to turn the ship around.

Assistant Director Kersh: And what's in that direction?

Mulder: The future.

Second British Crewman: What?

Mulder: Actually, the past.

Third British Crewman: Oh, well, I'm convinced.

Mulder: Well, I can explain it to you.

First Nazi: [entering engine room] Du! Der Amerikaner. Du kommst mit uns, rauf hier. Ja, mit kommen. [You! The American. You come with us, up here. Yes, come with?]

Mulder: Turn the ship around or Hitler rises, Germany wins and your children will never know what freedom is!

Scully: Stop! This man has no answers. You're killing innocent people to learn that he knows nothing!

Spender: Shut up. Shut up and move away.

Scully: Listen to me, you little weasel...

Smoking Man: Wir haben unseren naechsten passagier, eine dame. Richte die waffe auf sie. Schiess sie... Wenn er die frage nicht beantwortet. [We have our next passenger, a lady. Aim the weapon at her. Kill her, if he does not answer the question] [Spender aims at Scully's head]

Spender: [to Mulder] Answer the question.

[Mulder pushes the gun out of the way and steps between Spender and Scully]

Mulder: I'll answer the question.

Smoking Man: Beantworte die frage. [Answer the question]

[Mulder points down to the first man killed]

Mulder: That man is the scientist.

Frohike: Hey, Scully. Scully, you're not going to believe this. Get up here.

Scully: What?

Frohike: The sky just cleared and there it was.

Scully: Is it the Queen Anne?

Byers: That's her.

Scully: I don't believe it.

Frohike: Seeing is believing.

Scully: They've got power.

Byers: Maybe Mulder's already on board.

Scully: Let's hope he is.

Spender: You're lying.

Scully: He's telling the truth.

Spender: Shut up! Who is the scientist?

Mulder: I told you, this man is the scientist.

Spender: Officer! [Another Nazi gets the dead man's ID and hands it to the Smoking Man]

Smoking Man: Frag ihn, wie der mann heisst?

Spender: What is the man's name?

Mulder: John Brown. Ask me again, and I'll knock you down.

Spender: What's his name?!

Mulder: Puddintame. Ask me again and I'll tell you the same.

Thor's Hammer: Wait. Don't shoot. I'm the scientist.

Scully: This man's a liar. I'm the scientist.

Thor's Hammer: Please — tell them the truth before someone else has to die.

Scully: I don't know this man.

Thor's Hammer: Please don't listen to her. She's travelling with me to protect me. She works for the OSS.

[They take Thor's Hammer away]

Mulder: That's great.

Scully: I don't see you did any better.

Smoking Man: [to Second Nazi] Toete sie zuerst. Toete sie alle. [Kill them first. Kill them all]

Mulder: What'd he say? [Nazis push Scully then Mulder to their knees] Uh... I think I know what he said.

Scully: You learn fast.

Nazi: Stehen bleiben! Stehen bleiben... Oder ich erscheisse sie. Hande hoche... Hintr irhen kopfe. Machen sies! [Stand still! Stand still. Or I will shoot you. Hands up... behind your heads. Do it!]

[Scully sighs and puts her hands behind her head, Mulder follows suit]

Scully: [to Mulder] Now what, Einstein?

Nazi: Machen sies! [Do it!]

[There is a gunshot. They both jump then turn to see the Nazi dead on the floor behind them. From the side hall, Skinner appears]

Skinner: God bless America. Now get your asses out of here.

Scully: What are you doing?!

Mulder: I'm going to tell you how to save this ship.

Scully: Out here?

Mulder: I can't stay. I got to get back to history.

Scully: What?

Mulder: You got to rescue it. Wait. Listen to me. This ship's been caught in something called the Devil's Triangle. It's some kind of time warp — a rift in space.

Scully: Are you crazy?

Mulder: You know Einstein, right? He predicts the theoretical possibility. He also predicts an atomic weapon that will destroy the world.

Scully: Yeah? So what?

Mulder: If you don't go back and convince the crew of this ship to turn this ship around and head back into the Devil's Triangle everything Einstein predicted will become true — except for the outcome of history.

Scully: So, if I don't turn this ship around...?

Mulder: In all likelihood, I won't exist.

Scully: Oh...

Mulder: And neither will you.

Scully: Okay...

Mulder: So, in case we never meet again... [He grabs her and kisses her long and hard, she kisses back. When he releases her, she looks at him for a moment, then pulls back her right fist and punches him in the jaw]

Mulder: I was expecting a left. [He runs to the railing and climbs over]

Scully: Hey! [Mulder jumps overboard]

Scully: Mulder, it's me. Hmm?

Mulder: Where am I?

Scully: You're in a hospital.

Mulder: Ooooo.

Scully: Lie still.

Mulder: I feel... Like hell.

Scully: I don't blame you. You've been through the wringer, I'd say.

Mulder: What happened to me?

Scully: You did something incredibly stupid.

Mulder: What did I do?

Scully: You went looking for a ship, Mulder. In the Bermuda Triangle.

Mulder: Say that again?

[The Lone Gunmen enter the room]

Frohike: Gilligan awakes.

Mulder: You were there.

Scully: Hmm?

Mulder: You were there, Scully.

[Skinner enters the room]

Langly: [to the others] He's delirious.

Mulder: And he [Skinner] was there, too.

Skinner: Right — Me and my dog Toto.

Mulder: No, you were there with the Nazis.

Scully: Mulder, will you settle down? It's an order.

Skinner: Not that he takes orders...

Mulder: You saved the world, Scully.

Scully: Yeah... You're right. I did.

Frohike: What kind of drugs is he on?

Langly: I want some.

Mulder: No, no, no... The Queen Anne — I found it. You were there with Thor's Hammer. I told you you had to turn the ship around and then I jumped overboard.

Scully: Yeah, I bet you did. The boat that you were on was busted into a million pieces. And as for the Queen Anne it was nothing more than a ghost ship.

Mulder: No, no, no. You and I were on that ship, Scully. In 1939.

Skinner: Get some rest, Mulder, 'cause when you get out of here I'm going to kick your butt but good. [Skinner and the Lone Gunmen leave the room]

Mulder: I would've never seen you again. But you believed me.

Scully: In your dreams. Mulder, I want you to close your eyes and I want you to think to yourself There's no place like home.

Mulder: Mmm. [Scully starts to leave, but he calls her back] Hey, Scully.

Scully: Yes?

Mulder: I love you.

Scully: Oh, brother... [She turns away and leaves the room]