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While investigating a dangerous group of anti-government terrorists experimenting with biological warfare, Scully begins to grow suspicious of Mulder, whose increasingly strange behaviour suggests he may be serving another agenda.

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[Scully and Skinner are in the surveillance van tracking the operation via closed circuit cameras]

Scully: Where's Mulder?

Skinner: Mulder was on him, there's no way he couldn't catch him.

[Scully sees Mulder by Jacob Haley's car. The car drives off and Mulder jogs away. Scully is watching the car leave when Mulder appears behind her]

Mulder: Scully.

Scully: What happened?

Mulder: I lost him.

Scully: What do you mean?

Mulder: He got away.

Scully: I came in early. I wanted to take a look at this surveillance tape to make sure I wasn't crazy. What happened out there Mulder?

Mulder: What happened?

Scully: There were twelve agents yesterday in the park. We had ownership of the suspect, we were in position to make the capture and you let him get away. And from what I see now, you may have even aided in his escape.

Mulder: I don't know what you're talking about.

Scully: It's on the video tape Mulder. I can't prove it was you, but I know what I saw. This man is a murderer, he is a terrorist. [Mulder nods in agreement and continues shuffling through files on his desk] I have a report to give this morning. I expect you to give me an answer, I expect you to tell me the truth.

Mulder: We're late for the hearing.

US Attorney Leamus: So is this in the ozone now? Is this stuff floating through Folger Park?

Scully: Level 4 decontamination procedures were undertaken immediately. Our best indications are that exposure was limited and that the toxin was transmitted directly and not contagious.

US Attorney Leamus: How do you know that?

Mulder: We're not all dead?

August Bremer: I'd like some popcorn please.

Usherette: Do you want large, extra large or jumbo large?

August Bremer: Could I get some fresh popcorn please? The sign says fresh popcorn.

Usherette: This is fresh popcorn.

August Bremer: No, fresh fresh... hot... out of that machine back there... please. A large.

Jacob Haley: [on phone] You set me up!

Mulder: I saved your ass!

Mulder: [on phone] Look, I believe in your ideals and your goals... but the only reason I... I tolerate your methods is because the government's are worse.

Jacob Haley: Wow, what a ringing endorsement.

[Scully scams the manager to find out what name Mulder is using]

Motel Manager: Are you the wife?

Scully: Not even close.

[Scully is being escorted by four men in black]

Scully: Exactly what agency are you guys from? [Silence] Obviously not the office of information.

[Mulder's hands are strapped to the table and his hood is still in place]

Mulder: Ooh, is this the Pepsi Challenge? How about some, uh... fresh air, boys?

[Mulder is unhooded and sees Jacob Haley at the table before him]

Jacob Haley: Welcome, Agent Mulder.

Mulder: Okay, deal me in.

Jacob Haley: This is just a little method that we use... [Skin-Head Man bends Mulder's finger backwards] ...to learn the truth.

Mulder: Well, you... you might want to put that hood back on, man, unless you want to see a grown man cry.

Mulder: I risked everything! If I was lying there'd be Federal Agents descending on this place like the wrath of God right now!

Scully: What happened to your hand?

Mulder: Nothing. [Scully examines Mulder's hand]

Scully: Oh, Mulder, what did they do to you? God, this needs to be set. You're in pain. [Mulder pulls his hand away from her]

Mulder: If you keep pulling it around like that.

Skinner: What happened to your hand?

Mulder: Terrorist lie detector.

US Attorney Leamus: Well, did you pass?

Mulder: Well, I must have. I'm still here.

Skinner: You may not have another chance to contact us.

Mulder: If you don't hear from me by midnight... feed my fish.

Jacob Haley: Do you have what we need?

Mulder: Tell the gimp to back off. [Indicating Skin-Head Man]

Scully: [on phone] Now CIA intelligence suggested that this biotoxin was stolen from the Russians. But my research indicates that it was almost certainly developed domestically.

Skinner: The United States has no bioweapons Agent Scully. President Nixon dismantled the program in 1969.

Scully: Yes sir, that's what we've been told. But the CDC database contains evidence of a Streptococcus bacterium being developed by the Army's Pine Bluff facility in the 1960s. it appears to be very primitive strain of what we're seeing here.

Skinner: What are you saying?

Scully: What I'm saying is... that the bioweapons program may have continued in secret... and that someone may be sending Agent Mulder on a suicide mission.

August Bremer: Are you a believer?

Mulder: I have my beliefs.

August Bremer: You willing to die for them?

Mulder: I'd prefer it didn't come to that.

[August Bremer has given Jacob Haley the keys to a car and allowed him to leave]

August Bremer: On your feet!

Mulder: I don't need a car, you can just call me a cab. That'd be fine.

Mulder: That money's as dirty as you are, isn't it...? Isn't it?

US Attorney Leamus: Say that were true. Then what do you hope to accomplish, Agent Mulder, as a whistleblower? To mobilise a civil rights action? To bring down the Federal Government? To do the very work that that group you were a part of is so bent on doing? What do you want? Laws against those men or laws protecting them?

Mulder: I want people to know the truth.

US Attorney Leamus: Well sometimes our job is to protect those people from knowing it.