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A series of deaths occurs immediately after an ancient artefact is brought to Boston from an excavation site in South America. According to Scully, the deaths appear to be the result of political terrorism, but Mulder suspects something more improbable.

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Dr Bilac: We can't take it.

Dr Roosevelt: What do you mean?

Dr Bilac: They're saying the body of the female shaman is sacred to the tribe. They won't allow us to disturb her.

Dr Roosevelt: We're not disturbing her, we're saving her! You know the situation here. I thought you could handle these people.

Dr Bilac: Dr Roosevelt, I think this is dangerous. I don't think this is right.

Dr Roosevelt: Have the piece cleared and packed. It's going with us.

Mulder: Personally, if someone digs me up in a thousand years, I hope there's a curse on them, too.

Scully: Well apparently they've learned something from you, too.

Dr Bilac: Yes, I've been teaching them the joys of American bureaucracy.

Mulder: It's nice to meet people who really believe in something, isn't it?

Scully: You mean the kind who would kill for their cause?

Mulder: You think Bilac's a suspect?

Scully: No, I think he's THE suspect.

Mulder: Based on what?

Scully: Based on the arrogance of his politics, on his rift with Dr Lewton, on his sympathies towards the Indians and the lack of any other suspect.

Mulder: He did look a little squirly back there.

Scully: Maybe because he was up late last night murdering Craig Horning.

Scully: So you think Bilac's innocent? That the victim wasn't even killed at all? That he was devoured by a mythological jaguar spirit?

Mulder: Go with it, Scully.

Scully: Label that.

Officer: As what?

Scully: Partial rat body part.

Scully: We found evidence of at least two mutilated rat bodies down in the engine compartment.

Mulder: Rats?

Scully: Apparently the museum has always had a rat problem. They must have crawled into the engine to keep warm.

Scully: Well, it's human. Small intestine. There's about four feet of jejunum and another foot of ilium.

Mulder: Do we know for sure it's Lewton?

Scully: Yeah, by what he had for lunch, corn chowder and it looks like he'd been snacking on sunflower seeds all afternoon.

Mulder: A man of taste...

Scully: But what I can't determine is exactly how the body was eviscerated. There are no knife marks on the ampithelium. I imagine that they could have been torn or pulled from the body cavity.

Mulder: Torn or pulled?

Scully: But I can't determine that either because there was considerable post mortem predation.

Mulder: By what?

Scully: Well, by the size of the bite marks, a small animal, most probably a rat.

Mulder: More rats?

Scully: Yep.

Mulder: Hey Scully. Come here for a second. It just dawned on me. Why do you think there's so much water in here?

Scully: I just assumed that one of the toilets had overflowed.

Mulder: There's water on every seat. It's more like every toilet overflowed. Now why would that happen?

Scully: I guess there is only one way to find out...

Mulder: Oh, I hate this. [Lifts a lid] Rats. [Lifts all of the lids] Every toilet.

Scully: How did they get in there?

Tim Decker: Police found something outside.

Scully: Mona Wustner?

Tim Decker: No, Sugar, her dog. He's dead.

Mulder: Finally a body.

Dr Winters: When I dissected the dog's stomach, I found an undigested fragment of intestine, which appears to be feline.

Scully: The dog ate a cat.

Dr Winters: I also found what appears to be bits of rat fur. I think the rat ate the poison.

Scully: Cat ate a rat?

Mulder: And the dog ate the cat. More rats, Scully.

Scully: So what are we talking here, Mulder? A possessed rat? The return of Ben?

Mulder: No, I think those rats were killed trying to escape from something.

Scully: Something that sent them diving into the toilet?

Mulder: No. The lids were down, they weren't trying to get into the toilets, they were trying to get out. They were coming from within the sewer lines, trying to get away from something

Scully: Have you been drinking Yaje, Mulder?

Mulder: Go with it Scully.

Scully: The system looks like it branches off into three directions. Must be miles of tunnelling down there. [Sewerage tunnels]

Mulder: And only one way in.

Scully: And one way out.

Mulder: Ladies first? [Scully shakes her head and smiles]