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In a dream, a policewoman experiences the memory of a serial killing and unearths the body of the FBI agent sent to investigate it nearly 50 years ago. When the serial killer strikes again, Mulder and Scully work with the detective to determine the killer's identity.

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[Mulder is examining dental x-rays]

Scully: Any cavities?

Mulder: I brush after every meal. Would you say they match?

Mulder: During their time, Cheney's and Ledbetter's ideas weren't very well received by their peers. Using psychology to solve a crime was something like...

Scully: Believing in the paranormal?

Mulder: Exactly. But there's another mystery.

Scully: Which is?

Mulder: Well, I'd like to know why this police woman would suddenly drive her car into a field the size of Rhode Island and for no rhyme or reason dig up the bones of a man whose been missing for 50 years. I mean unless there was a neon sign saying Dig Here.

Scully: I guess that's why we're going to Aubrey.

Mulder: Yes, and also... I've always been intrigued by women named BJ.

[Mulder is reading Agent Sam Cheney's journal]

Scully: Well that's poetic but it doesn't help us much.

Scully: Mulder, I don't think BJ was in the woods that night because of engine failure.

Mulder: What are you talking about?

Scully: Well the Motel Black would have been a perfect meeting place. Away from town, away from his wife.

Mulder: What do you mean?

Scully: It's obvious BJ and Tillman are having an affair.

Mulder: How do you know?

Scully: A woman senses these things.

Mulder: Well, I've often felt that dreams are answers to questions we haven't yet figured out how to ask.

Scully: Cokely carved sister on the chest of his victim Linda Thibedeaux before she was able to escape and get help from a neighbour.

Mulder: And the police never made the connection to the 1942 homicides?

Scully: No.

Mulder: Well, I don't want to jump to any rash conclusions but I'd say he's definitely our prime subject, huh?

Scully: Mulder, the man we're talking about is 77 years old.

Mulder: Well, George Foreman won the heavyweight crown at 45. Some people are late bloomers.

Mulder: You mean a hunch?

Scully: Yeah, something like that.

Mulder: That's a pretty extreme hunch.

Scully: I seem to recall you having some pretty extreme hunches.

Mulder: I never have...

Harry Cokely: Doctors said I was sick back then. They gave me some pills. I served my time and now I'm better.

Scully: What kind of pills.

Harry Cokely: Red and white ones, little sister.

Harry Cokely: On the night you're talking about, I was sitting here watching a show about a lost dog. Then after that it was a show about a —

Scully: That won't be necessary.

Harry Cokely: Good. Now, are you about finished with me, little sister?

Scully: For now.

Scully: I don't think that Mendel had serial killers in mind when he developed his theory on genetics.

Mulder: You know, when I was a kid I would have nightmares. I'd wake up in the middle of the night thinking I was the only person left in the world... and I would hear this... [Mulder cracks a sunflower seed]

Scully: What?

Mulder: My Dad would be in the study eating these.

Scully: What does that have to do with Cokely?

Mulder: Well on a basic cellular level we're the sum total of all our ancestors biological matter. But what if more than biological traits get passed down from generation to generation. What if I like sunflower seeds because I'm genetically predisposed to liking them.

Scully: But children aren't born liking sunflower seeds. Environments shape them, behaviour patterns are taught.

Mulder: There are countless stories of twins who are separated at birth who end up in the same occupation, marrying the same kind of people, each naming their child Waldo.

Scully: Waldo?

Mulder: Jung wrote about it when he talked of the collective unconscious. It's genetic memory, Scully.

Scully: Danny tracked down Mrs Thibedeax's son. He was a policeman named Raymond Morrow.

Mulder: That's BJ's father.

Scully: BJ's Cokely's granddaughter

Mulder: She's responsible for the murders.

Scully: Well then how do you explain the cuts on her own chest?

Mulder: I can't explain everything. Maybe she carved them on herself or maybe it's some kind of weird stigmata. Whatever it is, BJ's not herself.

Detective Morrow: [to Mulder] This time you'll stay dead.