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A former colleague of Cowley who is now a mental hospital patient flees when he suspects he has been drugged by the KGB.

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[A police motorcycle chases Bodie and Doyle with his siren on]

Doyle: Bodie.

Bodie: Oh, no. That's all we need.

Doyle: Yeah. You want to stop?

Bodie: Yeah, might as well. We're late already.

[Bodie pulls over, the policeman approaches the vehicle and looks in]

Policeman: Good morning, Flash Gordon.

Bodie: Morning.

Policeman: I made it sixty-five, but I'm not vindictive so I'm going to call it sixty-five.

Bodie: [to Doyle] I suppose we could always say we were on our way to a fire, couldn't we?

Doyle: What do you mean we, mate? I'm just a passenger.

Policeman: Driving licence.

[Bodie shows him his ID]

Policeman: What's this?

Bodie: You can read, can't you? CI5.

Policeman: Thunder-and-lightning brigade? Are you on official business?

Doyle: Of course we are.

[Bodie guns the Capri away from the kerb]