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A cat burglar unwittingly uncovers a gang of drug smugglers.

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Cowley: [about London] We're the bargain basement, Doyle. You can buy anything here.

Bodie: Be nice to get eight hours sleep on the trot for once, wouldn't it? Not that you'd use it to sleep, of course.

Doyle: Oh, I would. Nothing I like better than curling up in bed with a good book.

Cowley: Glad to hear you've been spending your spare time so profitably, Doyle.

Bodie: Breaking and entering!

Cowley: Just entering. You don't have to break anything.

Doyle: Oh, I know this place. They leave your hubcaps and take the car.

Margery: Good looking one, this. I bet the birds are just putty in your hands, aren't they?

Doyle: Uh, well, that's more his department. [Looking towards Bodie]

Margery: Oh, no. I mean, you've got something. I spotted it right off, and I'm very fussy. You've got something.

Margery: [to Doyle] Nice boys like you are hard to find. [Looks towards Bodie] Louts are everywhere.

Margery: [to Bodie] Pretty enough, yes, but you've got shifty eyes.

Doyle: Well, we need a bit of help.

Margery: Oooh, I could help you, lover. Anything for you.

Margery: [about Doyle] You just look after my boy. You hear me, Bodie?

Cowley: Narrow squeak, lads. You save the car? [After Bodie and Doyle nearly get blown up]