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CI5 have to protect an Ambassador from a renowned hitman. But after just one attempt on his life, the assassin appears to give up.

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Doyle: We need this information and we're not fussy how we get it.

[Doyle is on the phone to a police commander forcefully insisting on co-operation in finding Ramos]

Bodie: Enjoy that, constable?

Doyle: Yeah.

Doyle: What did father say?

Bodie: Bring Ramos out — alive and well.

Doyle: Great. How?

Bodie: Didn't say, actually.

[Cowley suggests setting a trap for Ramos with himself as bait]>

Cowley: Like a tiger with a sacrificial goat.

Doyle: It's crazy — it's too risky.

Bodie: You heard the man — if you want to catch a tiger —

Doyle: Or lose a good goat.