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Old comrades of Bodie's turn up in England and perform a violent bank raid to impress a top London gangster.

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Bodie: She was beautiful.

Doyle: Personal involvement — spoil your aim.

Bodie: It also gives you an edge. A cutting edge.

[After Cowley chews Bodie out]

Cowley: You may speak.

Bodie: Damn. Sir.

Cowley: Nothing but blasphemy.

[Doyle is in the car with Sinclair's daughter pretending to be a thug]

Miss Sinclair: Aren't you going to ravish me? Well, what's wrong, aren't I pretty enough?

Doyle: Oh, yes, yes. You're definitely pretty.

Miss Sinclair: Well, then?

Doyle: It's just... I haven't been feeling very well lately.

Doyle: Cowley! Are you okay?

Cowley: Yes, I'm okay. And it's Mister Cowley!

Doyle: You are okay, aren't you.

Cowley: Where's Bodie?

Doyle: Reliving old times.

Cowley: With Krivas? Well, that should be all right, then. Bodie can look after himself, if he abides by my teaching.

[Bodie staggers out, clothes torn and bloody]

Bodie: You should see the other fellow.